Phillip Trudeau

I am a C++ programmer with 1 year of professional experience and 5+ years of personal experience. My focus so far has been on native desktop programming, primarily performance-sensitive programming such as engine development, and other systems-level programming.

My experience has chiefly been on enterprise software, engine programming, and numerical approximations, but in the future you can expect work from me on cryptographic communication protocols, better rich-content protocols (to supplant HTTP), and dynamic music engines.

I've also been doing a stack automaton-based lexer for C++ syntax highlighting in an open-source editor, but I'll only link to that here once it's high enough quality—you can get to it from my GitHub if you want.


Here's my resume,
my GitHub profile, and
my Itch profile.

(I'd link my e-mail address if I could confidently curb spambots, but I don't know how to ensure that. My full name is Phillip Trudeau-Tavara, but you can call me Phil. My other interests include music and game design, and I'm in Toronto.)